Thank you for visiting Cool Horse Trails. I want to give you an opportunity to see the staging areas and trails I have cataloged and hope you will revisit as they are updated and new staging areas and trails are added to the site.

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Every Wed I will add a new hopefully helpful horse related tip to the home page. The tips will then be saved in a "tip" link under information and a picture will be added where applicable. Have a good tip? Please email them to coolhorsetrails@gmail.com

Tip of the Week : Not a real "horsey" tip but since many of us have RV's we use with and without our horses I thought I would add this tip. Try looking at Bed Bath and Beyond at this time of year for some useful RV items. It is off to college time and I have found they have several items that might very useful for use in an RV. I just received the new flier and as I am changing from a 5th wheel over to a cabover camper I needed to make a few changes and found several items in their ad. Don't forget to use their coupons - can use multiple coupons at one time and they never expire even though they have an expiration date on them. Happy shopping!

Smart phone app - for all of you with smart phones - check out the mytracks app. It is currently a free download and is a wonderful tool when trail riding. It will show you where you are, track your ride, give you mileage, riding time, speed and elevation.  If you have not downloaded mytracks recently there is a new version out. I think it works much better than the old version.   

Bandit and Heidi at Sacramento Horse Expo June 2012

Summer 2014 - Hidden Falls bandanna map coming soon!


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FYI - more pictures of Running I Ranch

 - coming soon, more pictures of Negro Bar, Sugar Pine Trail (Winchester)- 2 staging areas added earlier this year. 

This website originally came about because two friends who like to ride, Heidi and Patty decided it would be cool to share some of the neat places they ride with other people.  The friendship and countless enjoyable hours of trail riding together began in 1994 and was the catalyst for the creation of this web site. There are so many wonderful trails available in the Cool/Divide area and throughout Northern California. The goal is to try to provide the type of information needed by horseback riders and hikers that will encourage you to get out and try new places. The emphasis will be on staging areas, the surrounding trails, parking and general information, along with pictures and insight regarding the various trails.   

The staging areas on this site represent just the beginning of what I hope to include as I continue to explore additional staging areas and trails. The staging areas currently on the site in the order they were added are Cronan, Olmstead, Hidden Falls, Silver LakeAmerican River Confluence, Auburn Staging Area , Dru Barner, Empire Mine State Park, Foresthill Divide Loop, Granite Bay Staging Area, Lake Camanche - China Gulch, Sterling Point, Spenceville, American River Parkway, Lone Grave, Falcon Crest, Castle Peak, Negro Bar and Sugar Pine Trail (Winchester). Coming soon will be Lake Oroville, Sly Park plus the remaining staging areas around Folsom Lake just to name a few. Please continue to check Cool Horse Trails for updates and additional staging areas - a quick check under the "What's New" tab located to the left of this page will update you on all new information added.

Please feel free to reach me at 
coolhorsetrails@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you and any comments you might have about the web site or additional trails you would like to see on this  site.

Please enjoy the site and remember it will constantly be updated and new staging areas added.

As I hear about events, trail closures and important trail information I will be posting the information on the site. Events will be under "What's New", closures and important information will be under "Alerts" and all will be posted on the corresponding staging area page if applicable. Please let me know if you would like any events posted, know of any trail closures, trail issues or important information I should be aware of.

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