American River Parkway - Staging at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery

Staging area (overflow parking) near the fish hatchery for the American River pathway - very large parking area, any size rig. No shade or amenities.

Horse trail next to the bike path - only part of the trails are like this and the bikes can go by very fast.

Single track horse trail - no bikes allowed on these trails.

Signage for the horse trails.

Single track horse trail - sign to left says no bikes.

Picnic tables located not too far from the staging area along the trail - river in the back ground.

Another park area located along the trail not too far from the staging area - picnic tables and bathrooms.

Trail along side the bike path - can be very busy with bikes and pedestrians. The bikes can go very fast and with little or no warning on their approach.

Shaded single track trail.

River view from the trail.

Bike and foot path bridge to cross the river - picture below is just off to the left of this bridge.

Access to water - right off the trail.

Bandit having a great time playing in the water with Heidi on board.

View of the river from the trail.

Wide open trail - before you get to the bridge below.

You need to go over this bridge to continue - coming off a horse trail to it. Watch out for bikes.

Overgrown picnic area about 8 miles from the staging area. Lots of trees to tie horses too and have a picnic.

Historic Fair Oaks Bridge seen from the trail on the way back to the staging area.

Access to a horse trail from the trail next to the bike path - this is returning back to the staging area.

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