New Pictures now on of newer section - trail towards Salmon Falls Rd, see last 9 pictures 


Cronan Ranch -Pedro Hill staging area  (picture taken as you are exiting) 

New restroom at Pedro Hill staging area - just installed March 2013. It takes the place of the 2 porta potties previously there.



Cronan Ranch - Pedro Hill Trail Head. There is a map of the trails at the trail head.


This is the bar that your horse must step over at both Cronan staging areas to access the trails (there is no other way to access the trails) - there is a bar on each side of the entrance gate at both locations. This picture was taken at Pedro Hill staging area.


Cronan Ranch - service rd/trail (taken in the fall). Road is used by river rafting companies during the rafting season (maybe once or twice a day). 
This is
one of the main trails from Pedro Hill Staging area and leads to the movie set and to the river.

A lesson in Para-sailing - Feb 2013



Parking lot at Cronan Ranch - Magnolia Staging area. Quite large can hold many rigs, no limit on size.

View of the American River from a Cronan Ranch Trail


American River at Cronan Ranch - view from horse back. This section open to horses year round.


American River at Cronan Ranch- view from horse back. Great place to water the horses, this section not open to horses during the summer.


Rafters on the American River - taken from horseback at "watering hole" open year round to horses. Current can be swift but there is a nice large area for horses to get a drink and cool off. The rafters and  kayakers  can get quite close to horses drinking. (Taken with cell phone off a pawing/splashing horse) 

Beth and Chester taking a break at the river - Sept 2010


Old movie set at Cronan Ranch - can be reached easily from the Pedro Hill staging area - about a 15-20 minute walk straight out from the trail head.


Part of the movie set- the rest is across the trail. Trail is in for-ground and hitching posts are off to the left of this building.


Hitching posts near the movie set. There is a picnic table across the trail to the right.


Picnic table along one of the trails - spring time.


View from the trails - spring time.

Para-sailors at Cronan Feb 2011

Para-sailor - Feb 2012

Para-sailor at Cronan Feb 2011


A  hill top view taken in the spring looking down on the river.


Picture of the river taken from the trail in the spring.


Wild flowers in the spring

Coyote at Cronan - taken Sept 2010

Signage at newer section, sign located just after crossing stream. Trail goes through old gate opening at the far north west corner of Cronan near the river. Trail goes towards Salmon Falls Rd but final section to Salmon Falls Road is not open to horses as yet. A gate will stop you from going any further.  
Trail is fairly wide for the first 1/2 and then goes to single track. Well marked. Trail is approx 6 miles form Pedro Hill staging area if you go to movie set and then cut over to the right following that trail which takes you in the north west direction.

Picnic table along the way in the newer section, not too far after you cross the creek. 

The trail after crossing the creek on the way to Salmon Falls Rd.

The trail continues on towards Salomon Falls Rd.

Trail continues up the hill and you can get some great river views off to the left.

View of the river from the newer section - several great views along the way.

Trail turning to single track on the way to Salmon Falls Rd. This happens after you take a left at the dead end of the wider trail. 

Trail then goes through this more open section on the way to the picnic area.

The picnic area when you take the newer trail out towards Salmon Falls Road. It is 6 miles from Pedro Hill staging to this spot. 


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