Use caution when riding off the trail or even stepping off the trail at Falcon Crest ( and other places as well). Old wire has been spotted just off the trail in several spots. So please be careful when getting off the trail to ride side by side or to let others pass - wire can be very hard to see, sometimes you can not see it at all.  

Alert - Watch for old nails in the parking lot - they are there. Parking lot has been resurfaced  but still be aware that nails might still linger under new surface. 

Falcon Crest (aka: Monte Vista) – El Dorado Country part of  Folsom Lake State Recreation Area

Location: Salmon Falls Rd                                                                                                                                                                      

Phone: District Office 916-988-0205

Web Site: Map of the trail

Directions: Going south on Salmon Falls Rd from Pilot Hill area the staging area is 2 ½ miles south of the bridge crossing the river -  - staging area is on the right (sign is facing other direction). Going north on Salmon Falls from Green Valley Rd the staging area is 3 miles north of the Salmon Falls/Green Valley intersection and located on the left - can see the sign. Salmon Falls Rd is a narrow windy road. Not uncommon to pass bicyclists traveling the road.

Staging area: Large gravel parking area right off Salmon Falls Rd. Large boulders have been added which makes it harder to navigate and park a trailer. Not sure the lot can accommodate large trailers anymore.

Dogs:  allowed on leashed

Trails: Mostly single track, easy to moderate – mostly easy. Trails are well marked. No big drop offs and the trail that goes around the lake to Brown’s Ravine (10 miles to Brown’s Ravine) has some great lake views. If you take the trail leading to Brown’s Ravine you will go over a very long wooden bridge (about 1/3 of the way to Browns Ravine) – bridge makes some noise while horses cross – make sure you have a horse that does bridges. Bikes are NOT allowed on the trails but occasionally you will run into them. Good footing on the trails but some spots could be slippery after rains.

Water: Potable water is available a short distance ( about a 5 min walk)  from the trail head on the Monte Vista Trail North. There is a water trough – can be very clean with continuous flow of water, other times the water is not flowing and the trough is not clean. There is also a hose and a drinking fountain. Watch out for Rattlesnakes in this area - one was spotted May 12,2012.

Restroom facilities: the website above says there is a port a potty but I have not see one.

Other info: There are several picnic tables off the trail not too far from the staging area. One is located near the potable water along with a hitching post. No bikes are allowed on these trails. The boat motors can be quite loud during boating season. Across the street from the staging area is a goat in fenced property that can be seem by the horses and heard at times (set one of my horses off).  Several places to gain access to the lake. About 1/2 way to Brown's Ravine is a picnic table over looking the lake - great view.

Fees: none

See “trail pictures” tab located to the left of this page for photos and more information.

Print this page to take with you for reference.

Friendly reminder -  be smart do not leave any valuables in your vehicle or trailer.



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