Falcon Crest

Sign for Falcon Crest as seen driving north on Salmon Falls - towards Pilot Hill. Staging area to the left.

Parking at Falcon Crest. Large area but rutted and many pot holes - drive carefully! 

Parking lot with the trail head on the left

Trail head from parking lot

Trail sign at trail head

Start of the trail at the trail head

This is a white fence you will approach from the trail head. Make a left and you will hit the watering area and the trail to Brown's Ravine

Drinking fountain located about a 5 minute walk from the staging area.

Another view of where the drinking fountain is located. A water trough is also located there plus a picnic table.

Water trough, also a hose. Drinking water not always this clean

Beth and Chester - summer 2011. Trail near the lake.

Trail signage. This sign is located where picture with Beth was taken above. This is taking the "long" route to Brown's Ravine but lets you ride along the lake longer. There is a cut off just past the water area to the left that cuts off a couple of miles of trail if riding all the way to Brown's Ravine.  

A water skier as seen from the trail - sometimes the sound of the boats can be very loud.

Water access along the trail

Single track trail - most of the trails are single track 

Another water access along the trail

Signage for the New York Creek Trail Bridge - this is a long bridge.

The New York Bridge - this is a very long bridge and does make some noise as you cross over it. Large birds also like to sit on the railings - they usually take off as you approach.
This bridge is on the way to Brown's Ravine.  Bridge is located about an hour from the staging area at a walking pace. 

Another view of the lake from the trail.

Picnic table just off the trail about 5- 6 miles from the staging area going towards Brown's Ravine

View from the above picnic table - great for a break and to eat lunch.

More signage - Taken on our way back to the staging area. This is the short cut back to the staging area, to the right. To the left continues along the river back to the area above where Beth and Chester are standing near the lake.

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