This web site was developed after years of riding the many beautiful trails in the Cool area and then venturing out to explore new areas. My thought was that knowing where you are going, what the parking situation is like, what the trails are like plus other pertinent information would be very helpful in venturing out to try something new. It is my hope that by using this website you too can also enjoy the many different trails and have some knowledge of the staging areas and trails before you head off to your new adventures.  



Heidi on her Tennessee Walking Horse - Bandit, at Silver Lake July 2008

Heidi has lived in Cool since 1993. She started riding in 1969 doing a combination of arena riding and some light trail riding. She went on to show Hunters for several years, worked on a guest ranch and eventually settled in Cool with her husband and three children. The arena riding has continued to some extent but living in trail country, trail riding definitely pulled way ahead and as a result  there were many new things to learn. Heidi participated in several NATRC rides over the years which was a great introduction to trail riding and horse camping. Currently Heidi spends many hours riding and camping with her husband Wayne and gaited buddies. She currently owns 3 horses  - Cabi - a 25 yr old Rocky Mountain ,  Sonny  - an 18 yr old TWH  and Hammer  - a 3 yr old Rocky Mountain


RIP Chester


RIP Bandit and Niner

2015 - Horse Expo once again with Larry Whitesell, this time on Cabi my Rocky Mountain as a demo horse. 

Bandit was once again chosen to be a demo horse at Horse Expo in Sacramento Ca - this time he was in the gaited demo with Larry Whitesell. Bandit and Heidi also participated in their 8th year in the Auburn Festival of Lights Christmas parade plus were reserved champion for the 2012 trail challenge put on by Northern California Walking Horse Association. 

Bandit and Heidi at Horse Expo 2012 with Larry Whitesell.

Auburn Christmas Light parade 2012 - Bandit and I are in the middle

In June Bandit was chosen to be a demo horse at the Horse Expo in Sacramento Ca. He was in the Extreme Trail demo with Mark Bolendar.


 Heidi and Bandit won the 2009 trail challenge put on by Northern California Walking Horse Association. Also in 2009 Heidi and Bandit participated in a one day civilian law enforcement clinic (Bandit was unfazed by it all) and they also participated for the 5th straight year in the Auburn Festival of Lights Christmas Parade.

Heidi and Bandit at Running I Ranch in Dunnigan  - Trail Trial clinic - 2009


Heidi and Bandit (2nd from right) at the Auburn Christmas Light Parade Dec 2009 with friends.


Heidi and Judge (2005) at Olmstead. Judge was 33 yrs old in this picture and had just completed the Auburn Endurance Challenge - 100 miles within a year, which he completed in 6 1/2 months - yes all bareback as he was too sway backed in his older years for a saddle to fit correctly. 

Judge passed away in Oct of 2005  - guessing from a heart attack. 


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