Hidden Falls

All pictures below are of original trails of Hidden Falls
Look for pictures coming soon ( 2014) of newly open section (opened May 22, 2013)


Parking lot at Hidden Falls. Room for approx 7 rigs on the left. Restroom facilities located at far end of parking lot along with water. Taken from the road driving in.

Another view of the parking area - taken form the trail.


Restroom facilities at Hidden Falls staging area.  Trail head starts behind building to the right or left.

There is handicap access from the parking area, parts are in concrete as shown above. A picnic table is located to the far right of picture.

Parking sign posted where trailers park, please take your manure with you.

Gate at staging area - go around to get to trails.

Picnic table near the staging area, restrooms and staging area in the back ground. Picture taken from the trail.

There are benches along the trails closer to the staging area and on the way to the waterfall.

Rules for fishing at Hidden Falls. This sign is located out on the trail. Fishing is done in the creek.

Trail out of the staging area - riding back up towards the entrance - road to the left is the road into staging area.

View from the above trail when you get up near the top. 

Wider trail out of staging area starting to the left of the restrooms - choice of this trail or one shown below. 

Trail out of staging area starting near restrooms - taken from above trail.

Another view from the trail - the trail this picture is taken from is below the trail pictured above. Starting out from the staging area you would take the trail to the far right below the picnic table pictured above near the restrooms.


Wider trail further out from staging area.

Bridge not too far from staging area.

Bridge is to the left. Trail straight ahead takes you back to staging area.

Continuation of above trail heading back to the staging area.

Close up of bridge. It is fairly wide and has metal sides. 

Trail after crossing the bridge. Trail up ahead to the left takes you to one of the waterfalls. Please note that horses can not get all the way to the falls, fall entrance is blocked by fencing, only pedestrians can get through (see picture below). 

Coming off the bridge and taking the trail to the left - going towards the waterfall. Keep left for the waterfall. 

Trail on the way to the waterfall. Single track but not too narrow. 

Gate you will need to go through on the way to the waterfall.

Entrance to waterfall - Horses not allowed.

Single track trail. Lots of shade.

Trail signage

Trail signs and maps at Hidden Falls - maps have "you are here" on them and are very easy to read. Also trail difficulty is posted on maps, with most trails being easy to moderate.

Single track trail at Hidden Falls

Another bridge at Hidden Falls, smaller bridge.


Creek at Hidden Falls, as seen from trail.

Beth and Chester out on the trail at Hidden Falls - early 2013.

Wider trail at Hidden Falls - through the trees. 

Further down that same trail.

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