Lake Camanche

Entrance to Lake Camanche - China Gulch
You can get a horse trailer through but there is also a RV lane to the far right.

Staging area at China Gulch

Staging area - not huge but you can get several rigs in and all sizes will work - circles around the tree to the left.

Port a potties, trash and recycling

Picnic area - late spring 2011. Table to the left and the water trough to the right.

Picnic area - late spring and the grass had not been cut down. There is a picnic table and a so-so BBQ grill.

Water trough  - located at the picnic area. Hose is off to the left.

Road/trail leading to trail system from staging area - a very short distance

Gate to enter through for entrance to trail system - sign in box in back ground

Sign in box. This is located just inside the gate to the trails. All riders MUST sign in here. 

Trail signs

Typical trail at Camanche

More of what the trails look like

Green trails - late spring 2011

View from the trail - lake in the background spring 2013

View of trail and cows

Cows along and on the trail

More cows on the trail - they do eventually move so you can pass

Cows in the water - late spring 2011

Cows - late spring 2011

Heidi on her TWH - Bandit . View of the lake in the background

Beth on Chester - late spring 2011

Trail though the trees - late spring 2011. Many of the trails are rocky

Trail view from hill top

View taken from trail - nice vista view. Late spring 2011.

View of the lake - late spring 2011

View of the houseboats on the lake

View from trail - lake and cows

View of lake from trail

Another view of the lake from the trail

Trail through the trees- spring 2013

View of the lake and cows - spring 2013

Cows - spring 2013

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