Lone Grave Pictures

Staging area at Lone Grave right off Hwy 20 - there is lots of room for any size rig and several of them. Some shade too.

Trail head from the overflow parking to the main staging area.

Trail from overflow parking off Hwy 20 to the main staging area - about a 5 min ride.

Information and maps at main staging area. Usually there are paper maps you can take with you.

Main staging area at Lone Grave - fairly large and can hold several rigs. A very short trail ride from the overflow staging area right off Hwy 20.

Single track trail.

A bit wider trail - lots of trees.

Trail signage - this trail will make a lower loop or you can continue off onto the Harmony Ridge trail and head to the deli if you head off to the left from the staging area. There are maps at the main staging area.

Harmony Ridge Deli - can ride to deli from staging area - approx 4-5 miles from the staging area going the shortest route.

Hitching area at Harmony Ridge Deli. Most of the trees have tie rings. 

Patio at Harmony Ridge Deli.

At Harmony Ridge Deli - picnic table out with the horses.

Water at the deli for the horses.

More signage - as you can see bikes are allowed on the trails.

Out house along the trail - taking the lower trail back.

View from one of the trails.

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