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Cool Trail Maps


 Custom Trail Bandanna Maps  

Perfect for equestrians, hikers, and mountain bikers.

Detailed Mapping of Local Trails that Fits in Your Pocket

Printed on Rugged and Washable Bandannas

Many Colors Available, Match Your Group or Club's Colors

Print Custom Designs in Full Color

Read it, Wear it, Ride with it, Hike with it!

Hidden Falls map coming - 2015

Now Available

Olmstead Loop - Cool

Cronan Ranch - Pilot Hill

Dru Barner - Georgetown

Southfork of the American River

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Tevis map available at Sundowner Trailers in Auburn Ca.

 P.O. Box 353, Cool, CA 95614
email:  kathy@cooltrailmaps.com

530 889-2468





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