Negro Bar
(part of Folsom Lake State Recreation Area)

Location: Folsom                                                   

Address: Park Rd off Greenback Lane,  Folsom                           Click to view the map                  

Phone: (916) 988-0205 Park Office

Web Site: – Folsom Lake SRA

Directions: Negro Bar is located on Park Rd off Greenback Lane near Folsom/Auburn Rd. From Hwy 80 take Douglas to Auburn Folsom Rd. Turn south (right) and then turn right on Greenback lane (before the bridge). Park Rd will be on the left a short distance from the intersection. You can also take Auburn Folsom Rd all the way to Greenback from the Auburn area. From Hwy 50 exit at Folsom Rd, just over the bridge turn left onto Greenback and then left on Park Rd. Once inside the park continue to the first large parking lot on the right. Turn in and continue back through the length of the parking lot to the opening that has a picnic sign and continue straight for a little ways. The staging area will be on the right – a large grassy area with a water trough in the center.

Amenities: camping is offered but not horse camping

Staging area: The staging area is a very large grassy area, ground seems fairly firm. Can accommodate any size rig with easy turn around. We found the trail by riding back towards the large parking lot and then turning right heading down towards the boat ramp area. Continue through the boat ramp area, past the restrooms and you can pick up the trail heading north towards Beals Point – there is no staging at Beals Point.

Dogs:  allowed on leashed only

Trails: The trail north towards Beals Point is along the bike path for parts of it and also branches off in sections to a single track horse trail. It takes approximately 1 1/2hrs at the walk to reach Beals Point. The actual horse trail sections are easy - through trees, behind some residences and there is  one metal culvert that the horse have to step up and over (going north, down coming south). Runners are on the trails and bikes are not allowed but we did run into a few bikes. Riding along the bike trail, the bikes go fast and most do not slow down for horses. You can ride off to the side on a narrow dirt section. There are some places where you need to be on the actual bike path to go under some cement over passes. One part is on a big curve and the bikes are coming fast, be watchful. You ride past Folsom Prison and Folsom Dam. At one point along the bike path you are near a large intersection that is very busy and loud.

Water: there is a water tough, not sure it always has water in it.

Restroom facilities: available throughout the park with flush toilets but not at the staging area. Not all facilities are open in the off months.

Other info:  Watch for bikes when along the bike trail, most travel quite fast and most do not slow for horses. Like the American River trail you need a horse that doesn’t mind bikes and all the other activities going on.

Fees: $10 or a Poppy pass ($125 for a year, enables you to get into many state parks)

See “trail pictures” tab located to the left of this page for photos and more information.

Print this page to take with you for reference.

Friendly reminder, be smart, do not leave any valuables in your vehicle or trailer.

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