Olmstead parking exit - pass exit to entrance. Car parking is on the left just before the exit. 

Trailer entry at Olmstead. This is one way now.

Staging area looking towards the exit. Area is large and can hold any size rig.

View as you enter - hitching posts and picnic table to the right, rest of parking area to the left.

Water trough at staging area

Coyote as seen running towards us, he came right up to us, they seem to have no fear. Trail in the foreground. Jan 2013

Bobcat - on the other side of the rusted barrel, blends in very well. Jan 2013


Large pond at Olmstead - one of 3 ponds. You will find this pond heading south out of the staging area (towards Pilot Hill) and veering off the main loop to the rt before you get to the radio towers (Pilot Hill). You may ride along the pond and will maybe see egrets and a blue heron.


Single track trail at Olmstead - spring time


Olmstead trail - many of the trails are wide like this one


Smaller pond at Olmstead with single track trail in foreground

Another view of the small pond  - taken May 2012


Single track trail at Olmstead in the spring


view form trail - road through middle of picture is a good land mark as heading east on it will take you lead you back to the staging area


Another pond - horses on far side taking trail around pond




Judge (2005) at Olmstead. Judge was 33 yrs old in this picture and had just completed the Auburn Endurance Challenge - 100 miles within a year, which he completed in 6 1/2 months - yes all bareback as he was too sway backed in his old age for a saddle to fit correctly.

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