Oroville Lower Trails  - staging out of Lakeland

Lakeland Blvd, have to pass through gate to get to staging area, road turns to gravel - took this picture coming out.

Road (Lakeland Blvd) into staging area as seen from staging area.

Staging area - very large, lots of room.

View of staging area with port a potty off to the right and hitching rails to the left of the port a potty. Spillway is straight ahead.

Spillway ( Diversion Dam) as seen from the staging area - at the far end, left of the hitching posts. Feather River located below the Diversion Dam.

Picnic tables at staging area - near where we parked our trailers.

Trail head as seen from staging area. Spillway is off to the left.

Trail head from staging area.

Trail split not far from the staging area.

Pass this gate after riding out from the staging area. Also you will pass this gate driving in.

Single track tail - very green in the spring.

Single track trail and signage.

More of the single track trails.

Small creek crossing.

View of Table Mountain and the water from the trail.

View form the trail -  snow capped Coast Range mountains in the background.

Checking out the mail box at the top of Sycamore hill - spiral notebook and pens inside. Feel free to write something in the notebook. 
This trail is part of the of the Dan Beebe and Brad Freeman trail system. You can ride this trail system all the way up to the dam and to the horse campground at Loafer Creek.

Kelly writing something in the notebook.

Bandit at the tie rail at the top of the hill - he is still sporting his winter coat. 

Trail signage - trails are fairly well marked.

More single track trail - taken in the spring.

Creek crossing - good place to let horses drink. Not sure if water is there year round. Picture taken in spring.

Wider section of the loop we did.

Another view of a wider section of the trail. 

Box to turn on lights for tunnel - push button. Will not see lights on until you enter tunnel and go a little ways in.

Cheryl, turning on lights to tunnel while on horseback.

Tunnel entrance - above box is located to the left before you enter - tunnel is very dark until you get where the lights are.

Just as you enter the tunnel.

Inside the tunnel. Can see lights up on the left.

Further inside the tunnel. The tunnel curves so you can not see the exit when you enter the tunnel.

Getting towards the end of the tunnel. You can see the natural light coming in at the end. 

Wide section of trail near water.

Trail gets very close to the rail road tracks in this section.

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