Bridge you drive over on the way to the staging area (view leaving the staging area)

Signage as you enter Spenceville Wildlife Area and staging area

Gate to drive though to get to staging area - large dip at puddle

Staging area at Spenceville (can also camp here) - Feb 2011

Creek near staging area - cross to get to trails or can go out gate and continue down the road and left over a bridge.

Single track trail at Spenceville - just leaving the staging area - going through water crossing

View from trail

Wider trail at Spenceville

View of trail and small pond

Signage for the falls

Creek at Spenceville

Single track trail heading to the falls

View of creek on the way to the falls

Fairy Falls

Bottom of Fairy Falls

Below the water fall

 View from near the falls

Cows at Spenceville

Cow round up at Spenceville -  Feb 2011

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