Sterling Point

Signage at the Sterling Point staging area

Staging area at Sterling Point - picture taken from area where cars park

Car parking area - can be used for overflow when trailer parking area is full.

Port a pottie - located in the car parking area

Trail head from the staging area

View of the lake from the trail and a nice stop to take a break - more of a break spot for hikers than riders

View of Folsom Lake from the trail

Signage along the trail

A switch back along the trail

Single Track trail - some of the trails are narrow with some drop offs

One of the bridges to cross along the trail - some of the bridges are quite narrow with sharp turns.

A goat (with a bell around his neck) along the trail - following his owner. Never know what you will see on the trails.

Another view of Folsom Lake from the trail.

Signage on the way to Avery's Pond

One of several bridges to cross on the way from Sterling Point staging area to Avery's Pond

View of Folsom Lake from the trail - sometimes the boats can be a bit loud

Trail on the way to Avery's Pond - old trail with steep drops offs is to the right, new recently opened trail (Sept 2010) is to the left where the horses are

Drinking water along the trail just before you get to Avery's Pond

Avery's Pond

Enjoying a break at Avery's Pond

Single track trail - on the way back from Avery's Pond

Picnic area - located to the side of the car parking area - above the horse staging area

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