Winchester ( Sugar Pine Trail)

More pictures coming soon - June 2013

Staging area as seen from road -off Sugar Pine Rd at the intersection of Placer Hills Rd. Enter on the right by going over the small curb - most rigs should make it without a problem, just go slow.

Signage at entrance to Winchester (Sugar Pine Trail) 

Staging area. More parking off to the left (see below). Can get a little tight going around the trees.

Additional parking area off to the left of where we parked above.

Sign posted at staging area.

Staging area as seen from across the street.

View of entrance taken from staging area - coming in off Sugar Pine Rd. At stop sign is Placer Hills Rd. Yes, you do have to go over small curb. Most rigs should make it without any problems. 

Trail entrance as seen from staging area - entrance across the street from staging area.

Trail entrance after crossing the street.

Beginning of the trail after crossing the street from the staging area. 

Continuance of the trail  - parallelling the road.

Actual start of loop - mile 0

Beginning of Loop

This is another area that you can stage at. It is at the public park inside Winchester. You enter through the Winchester gates (go straight instead of turning into the official staging area) and follow the signs to the park. It is usually OK on a weekday but weekends can get very crowded with soccer games etc. Not a lot of room to turn around but manageable in most smaller rigs if not crowded. You can fit 2-3 smaller rigs on the grassy area shown above. 
The above trail cuts across this road.

This is the road you drive down to get to the above staging area. Trail crosses this raod and is located off to the left and to the right near the bottom of this road.

This is the trail off to the left ( going in the counter clockwise direction). Staging area where trailer above is parked is off to the left, road is to the right.

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